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( hybrid • trauma )

under your bed. in your closet

hybrid trauma
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big bro Lacking in two important things: motivation and a gender, Reichu is kind and full of anxiety. But lately Reichu has been showing signs of a possible sex offender within Reichu's self. But worry not, these are only latent around the topic "Lockon Stratos." If you hadn't had a seizure yet, Reichu loves to use bright colors whenever given the chance in it's icons. Due to how picky Reichu can be, the fandoms in Reichu's updates will hardly change.

hysterictriggerIs the non-creeper of this duo. She might be a spaz, have a giant robot fetish and be a softy deep down but she is certainly not a creeper. And no she is not getting defensive here. Shutup.

Hysterictrigger also can't really be assed to explain herself so she really has nothing more to say. She does hope to see you around though.

❝comment.credit.donthotlinkoredit.watch.stay traumatized❞

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